Class Tips

The time is now. Your first month of unlimited classes for just 30 bucks.

Ok so now you’ve made up your mind to come take a class. That’s the first step so congratulations.The next step on the path to changing your life is showing up. Most new students arrive a bit nervous, it’s totally normal to feel that way. Don’t even worry, as soon as you walk in you’ll feel right at home. We are pretty great that way.  

Anyhow, you’ll want to come hydrated and ready to sweat. Dress appropriately and don’t eat a big burrito or drink a gallon of milk before class. Use your common sense.  

If you have a yoga mat and large beach towel, bring those. If not, that’s ok we got you. Your mat and towel are included for your first class. And bring a bottle of water. Duh.  

At Rebel Hot Yoga, we welcome everyone. All you have to do is breathe, everything else is optional. The teacher will tell you what you need to do in class and you can also watch the other students. The classes we offer are taught in a manner that allows them to be done by beginners, people with limited mobility, and people with chronic illness, but they are also challenging enough for athletes.  

Our students come in all shapes, sizes, age groups and physical condition. We are a supportive yoga community, our teachers and students are always excited to welcome new students to the studio and make you comfortable. We are here to support you on your path to health and wellness.  All YOU have to do is make up your mind and take the first step.

First Timers

  • It’s easy to register for class on our Schedule page.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early for your first class.
  • A yoga mat and towel are complimentary for your first class.
  • Bring a second towel if you would like to shower after class.
  • Drink water prior to class, being well hydrated makes class more enjoyable.
  • It is best to practice yoga on an empty stomach, try to avoid large meals 2 hours prior to class.
  • The yoga room is heated, dress in lightweight clothing.
  • Our teachers are available before and after class to answer any questions you may have about your practice.