Studio Announcement

For the safety of our community, we are temporarily closed to the public. Our mission is to help as many people as possible feel better, especially in trying times. We are here for YOU and will continue to be here to support you.

You can still keep up your health and fitness routine during this challenging time. Introducing YOGA, PILATES, and REBEL ED CLASSES that will be broadcasted LIVE ONLINE on ZOOM Cloud Meetings!

Getting the Zoom app on your phone or laptop is free and super simple. Click here to download the latest version of Zoom to your computer, or visit the app store on your phone and search "Zoom". You will use your computer or phone to sign up for classes like you’ve always done:

1. Get on the MINDBODY app or website.
2. Book your class.
3. Check your email.
4. Click the Zoom link to join the scheduled class. You can sign-up for a free Zoom account here.
5. Enjoy your class!

Using this format, the teacher will be able to see and hear you (if you have your webcam and microphone enabled), and you’ll be able to see and hear the teacher and everyone else. Check out the FAQ's for Zoom if you have additional questions about the platform, or email us and we'll help get you set up!

We also have a Facebook Group for our members! Click here to join the group and receive all of our updates.

We are hustling tirelessly to go far beyond what we have ever done before to bring our Members the value they should expect from us. If you have any questions or concerns you can text me directly at 910-601-2717.


Welcome to Rebel Hot Yoga!

We create change. That’s what rebels do. We take action and rise up.

Want to get stronger? Want to feel better? Want to be happier? Are you willing to show up and put in the work?

If so, and you’re ready to create epic change for yourself, click here.

If not, that’s ok too. This is not for you. You’re just not ready yet. But if it ever gets so bad that you can’t run anymore, or pick up your children anymore, or take all the f@&king stress anymore… we are here, ready to help.

Introductory Package

It’s just $30 for your first month of unlimited classes with us. You get 2 buddy passes and a mat and towel for your first class!
No way.

*For local residents and new students only.

We Offer Inferno Pilates and Bikram Yoga