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Our Mission

To help those in need by offering a safe space to practice proven techniques in wellness that are taught with expert instruction and love.


4,000 Square Foot Space

Fully Equipped With A 2,000 Square Foot Practice Room

State Of The Art Heating System With  Built-In Fresh Air Exchange

Waterproof, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Microbial Flooring Made From Recycled Plastics

Men's And Women's Changing Rooms

Three Women's Showers And Two Men's Showers


Our teachers have been trained by the best, are deeply passionate about their craft, and continuously strive to educate themselves further in hopes of serving you even better. It is our mission is to give you the best possible experience every time you come to class.

BILLY - Yoga and Pilates Teacher/Studio Owner

I began practicing Yoga and Pilates after having undergone a failed back surgery. My physical therapist suggested that I try yoga since I was still in considerable pain. I initially laughed at the thought, envisioning candles and meditation and such. But I was in a bad way so not knowing what to expect, I found a nearby yoga studio and gave them $20 for 2 weeks of classes.

Turns out it was a Hot Yoga studio, so wearing sweatpants and walking in with a chai latte for my first class probably wasn’t the best introduction. 90-minutes later I emerged, red faced and dazed, not entirely certain what had just happened.

I’m frugal, so I came back the next day… and everyday for 2 weeks. And ultimately the next 60 days in a row because my back felt so much better from practicing everyday. I had such profound healing benefits from the series so quickly I was sold. But I had no idea what this yoga would give me in the long run.

You see, I have Crohn’s Disease. I’ve had it my whole life. They say there’s no cure. It’s a torturous thing, and those affected suffer in silence. Nobody likes to talk about digestive problems.

For the first 34 years of my life I couldn’t eat most fruits or vegetables. No nuts, grains, coffee, red meat, wheat, dairy. I was in and out of the hospital and had to constantly juggle medications and their various side effects. It’s not like that anymore. You see, 5 years ago I became symptom free. Diet independent. I can eat whatever I’d like. No meds. No docs. I can have spinach and peanut butter and apples for the first time in my life.

With Yoga and Pilates, I changed my own physiology from the inside out. I have reclaimed my body. I have my life back. It wasn’t easy. Or fast. But doable. So now I practice 5 or 6 times a week so I can maintain my digestive health, manage chronic back pain, and live my best life.

I became a teacher and studio owner because I wanted to learn everything that I could from the best teachers in the world, and share it with everyone. I can say with certainty that practicing these styles of hot yoga and pilates will improve your life and give you your power back.

HANNAH - Yoga and Pilates Teacher
Hannah began her teaching journey when her father introduced her to her first Bikram yoga class after a knee injury. Shortly after, she moved to Oxford, Mississippi to begin college.

Her first day there she took a Vinyasa flow class and was hooked. She signed up for teacher training that day. Later, she discovered Inferno Hot Pilates. She instantly fell in love with the energy and results from the class.While she still loved yoga, inferno was so much fun it quickly became her favorite class to both take and teach.

Today she continues to practice and teach different types of yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates. Her philosophy is that she wants to help everyone fall in love with yoga and inferno the same way that she did, and that anyone, at any level, can do it.

She loves how yoga and inferno isn't strictly a physical practice, it is a mental and spiritual practice that has the power to totally change your life.

CHELSEA - Pilates Teacher
Chelsea was introduced to Rebel Yoga & Pilates when a girlfriend convinced her to attend a Hot Yoga class. She had practiced various types of yoga throughout her life, so was expecting a similar experience. Opening the door to Rebel immediately presented an atmosphere she wasn’t used to whatsoever. She loved the vibe, she loved the instructors, she LOVED the heat... but the class, was surprisingly CHALLENGING! She knew right away she’d be back.

Shortly after, she decided to take one of their Hot Pilates classes. It was game over after that first class and now she’s been at the studio in the hot room every chance she can get, sweating it out and having a blast with her new found second family. When the opportunity arose to become a teacher, Chelsea decided there was no better way to share her passion with others.

"This is the ultimate chance for me to spread happiness and love, while encouraging others to get out of their comfort zone and feel awesome about themselves. All of these things were given to me so freely from this amazing studio and its community, so it’s only fair to pay it forward. Thank you for being a part of my journey and I can’t wait to sweat it out with you!

JENNY - Pilates Teacher
Bio coming soon!

SARAH - Pilates Teacher
Bio coming soon!

KATIE - Yoga Teacher

Katie Mulholland began practicing yoga in 2011 as a way to aid chronic pain and stress. After experiencing the healing benefits of uniting the mind, body and soul through yoga, she felt a calling to help others do the same, and began her teaching career in 2016.

Although she loves and appreciates all variations of yoga, her heart lies with the incredible benefits of a Yin Yoga practice. She is currently studying Ayurveda, the “sister-science” of yoga, in hopes of bringing natural balance and health to both herself and her students.


Bio coming soon